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This Pre-Construction Condo Development is Turn-Key & CASH FLOWING*!!!

NEW Condominium development presented by Referral Network Realty Inc. in Barrie Ontario.

Inventory is limited, don’t wait! 

This is a unique investment opportunity that is not like any condo purchase you have made before.  With a Projected ROI of over 23%*, this is pre-leased to a commercial tenant which means no requirement for property management.


Site Location

The Investment

The Invest Select Rental Program is perfect for real estate investors that believe real estate is a great wealth builder but don’t want to be hands-on with related risks and responsibilities. The Invest Select Rental Program combines monthly positive  cashflow*, mortgage paydown, and the potential for market appreciation while limiting the downside risk of a market correction.  When opted into, the Invest Select Rental Program allows condominium purchasers to benefit from the three most important pillars of real estate investment:

  1. Rental Income
  2. Market Appreciation
  3. Mortgage Pay-down

While all day-to-day property management tasks are included as well as the payment of maintenance fees.

The Invest Select Rental Program delivers positive monthly cash flow* to each purchaser with a five-year condominium lease in place from day one. Upon expiration of the lease, the management company will have the option to purchase each unit from its owner at the then fair market value. This commitment creates a safety net and gives investors peace-of-mind and a pre-defined exit strategy.

Key features of Invest Select include:

The Building

The building will be used as a Senior’s Housing Residence with 278 units. The investor’s tenant is the Senior’s Housing Operations Company and they are pre signing a 5 year lease agreement. Meaning, we don’t need to forecast potential future rents and guess if it will be cashflow positive* on occupancy.

Completely Passive, Great Tenant, Cashflow Positive*, and because of its location (Barrie) some great potential upside!

Building Features


Suite Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The Invest Select Rental Program ensures that monthly rents are paid as agreed regardless of occupancy status.

All Invest Select leases increase in gross rents payable by 2% per year. The use of a Gross Rent Multiplier to establish a minimum value guarantees an inflation in value over the term of the lease.

Investors are free to sell their property during the lease term with the new buyer’s assuming the covenants and obligations contained within the INVEST SELECT lease.

Yes, if the Lessee exercises the option to purchase. Buyers will have the opportunity to participate in advance of other purchasers for future developments.

We will hire an AACI certified appraiser qualified and approved by The Royal Bank of Canada to conduct all appraisals and determine then current market values using the comparable market approach.

The Invest Select Rental program includes all maintenance and repairs as well as special assessments if they occur.

You are welcome to visit the building anytime by appointment made through the concierge or building administrator. To respect our resident’s privacy viewing the actual occupied unit is not permitted.

No, owners are not permitted to lease their units other than through the Invest Select Rental Program. Friends and family of owners will receive special occupancy cost pricing through the building management.

We anticipate construction to take 2.5 years from the date of
breaking ground.

The Incentives

This Turnkey Opportunity is being launched to Our Investors First before anyone else!

This is as hands-off and completely passive as property investing gets!

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Financial Information

In this section we will be asking some basic questions about the amount of capital and level of comfort that you may have in this project. These are approx numbers and we will discuss more when we speak. Based on your level of capital, required investment level we'll suggest a unit that would most likely fit your criteria.


*Any use or reproduction of this template in whole or in part, without the written permission of Referral Network Realty Inc., is strictly prohibited. All numbers, information, projections, returns and cashflow on this sheet are a guide only and the user needs to conduct their own diligence. Referral Network Realty Inc. is the listing Brokerage. Not intended to solicit buyers already under contract. With all real estate investments, the Buyer should perform their own due dilligence. All statements are not guarantees of future performance and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Any projections contained here are for informational purposes only, and Referral Network Realty Inc. or any of their Directors, Affiliates, Employees or Independent Contractors can not determine if an investment is right for you. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and financial results in future periods to differ materially from any past performances or projections of future performance or expected result expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. You are advised and agree to seek independent financial advice from a qualified financial planner or accountant or other such people as you determine appropriate prior to entering into any real estate investment transaction.

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